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Pure Encapsulations


I may not be a vision of health these days. In fact, it’s a joke how far from it I’ve become. 91 needles, 5 doctors appointments, 1 cortisone shot, and countless creams later….and I’m still figuring out what is going on.
While my body is freaking out, I’m trying my best to get to the root of the issue by eating healthy and supporting with supplements to at least avoid any nutrient deficiencies. That’s where Pure Encapsulations comes in.
Pure Encapsulations is a premium brand which prides itself for using only the best, top ingredients. Unlike many vitamins, the line is gluten-free and doesn’t contain eggs, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, added coatings, binders, shellacs, artificial flavors and sweeteners, colors or fragrances. This couldn’t be more important while my body is in this (annoying) hypo-allergic state.
These hypoallergenic supplements have become a part of my daily ritual, along with less caffeine (eeeep), colder showers, hypoallergenic bedding, and (unfortunately still) lots of antihistamines. While this is just my personal routine– and you should consult your health care provider before starting any new regimen!– I wanted to share my current line-up.


Magnesium is great for promoting relaxation and detoxification. I’m taking Magnesium Glycine to help regulate acid-alkaline balance…important for eczema and high blood-histamine levels!
Restless nights have become the norm these days. The Pure Encapsulations Best Rest Forumla helps me out here– it supports healthy sleep cycles by encouraging an easy transition to sleep and a restful night’s sleep. It contains the time-tested support of valerian, passionflower, chamomile, lemon balm and hops, which act to calm and relax the central nervous system, plus the well-known melatonin to facilitate the onset of sleep and sleep efficiency.


Along with traditional supplements, I’ve been adding drops of liquid vitamins into my water and tea. It’s an easy way to “remember” to take them, and arguably gets absorbed better. B12 and Vitamin D3 are my favorites for supporting mental and emotional well–being and boosting the immune system.

So there ya have it! What supplements are you taking to stay balanced this season? Any tips on how you remember to take them?

Week Notes: June 7th


FINALLY feeling healthy and normal after over a week of annoying sinus and cold issues. Let’s just say I won’t be taking my immune system for granted for a while. Despite getting vitamin shots three days in a row, this cold and cough lingered around for waaay longer than it should have. It wasn’t until I tried something I read– wet sock therapy– that I felt myself getting better. (It’s v intriguing…post coming!). Now it’s time to get serious about juicing and packing lunches (and generally being healthy) again.


Quite the solid week, though not very well photographed until the weekend (aside from my @pamlovesferrariboys Stance socks!). Met up with Noelle and Kelli for a neighborhood walk + talk (Cardiff Walking Crew expands!) early in the week.


Friday the team hit the beach with our balloons and took the new interns out to Las Olas….kicking off about one of six (or more?) hours I spent there this weekend. Tall, spicy, skinny margs all day. Almost literally. 😉


Saturday’s beach day was followed by a morning Pipe’s date, beach rest and recovering, and catching up with friends.



Week Notes: May 31st


Playing a little catch up (per usual!) after a week of being sick and moving nonstop. In retrospect, trying to work through a cold and still operate like a normal, functioning healthy person did not help my case at all. I kind of forgot how painful, annoying, and frustrating colds + flus can be.


That said, before my cold truly set in, I got to meet up with my favorite blogger babes for a Biergarden night. Always good to see these supportive, creative gals. :)


Also got a much needed manicure this week…and in red. I never do red nails, or red anything in general for some reason– maybe I went overboard on red in high school?!– but lately I’ve been super attracted to the color. Does anyone know what this means?! Like color-therapy wise, or something?! Back to the nails…this color is called Cajun Shrimp…which makes me LOL.

On Friday I joined Asheejojo for this year’s San Diego Fair preview party. We stuck with the mostly healthy options (unlike last year) and had fun roaming around. With free food and way less crowds, this is the best way to do the fair!




Saturday I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, and almost couldn’t drive back up home, but had to make it up. Luckily my mom fed me soup and drugs and took care of me before I had to get an EARLY start Sunday working an event in LA. With my sore throat + cough and the 90 degree weather I went through 192 ounces of liquid in 8 hours (and coulda drank more if there was more available!).

Here’s to gettin’ healthy…

Week Notes: April 19th


Life is just so beautiful. What else is new? But really.  

Even though every intention I had to balance stress was shot out the window with a crazy work week, it would be impossible not to end the week absolutely filled with gratitude. Despite the challenges and difficult days, there’s so much to be thankful for always. Friendship, laughs, support, real talk, good music, puppy cuddles, walks on the beach, all of it.


Cardiff walks with Kelli, wearing Bzees— the perfect walking shoe… 😉 


After a Friday that turned my head to a pile of mush that was also on the verge of exploding, a little tequila was in order. We met at L’Auberge for palomas, live music, and a gorgeous sunset that gradually melted my on-the-verge-of-a-mental-breakdown state. Hellllooo wedding weekend.


Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day spent celebrating Jessica and Collin Howell at Ponte Vineyards out in Temecula. Everything was beautiful– from the bride to the wedding details to the light breeze and the people present– and filled with so much love, happy energy, and…wine. Already having major withdrawals over here….does it have to be over already?! Coming down from sunset vineyard shenanigans, dance parties, champagne toasts and wine cellar after parties is not the easiest. We were so happy to celebrate the special day with Jess, Collin, and all of their family and friends!









Made it back to the coast for a few hours at the beach. Sunday ritual going strong.

So much love this weekend…I’m going to remember this feeling and carry it with me throughout the week.

Favorite Swanson Health Products & A Giveaway!


I have a feeling I’m not the only one who considers walking up and down every isle at Whole Foods “retail therapy”. Scoping all of the supplements, natural body products and new food brands is practically a hobby. And that’s just one of the reasons I love Swanson Health Products– it’s like healthy retail therapy meets online shopping! Uh ohhhh. Except there’s nothing to feel guilty about because Swanson seriously has the best prices around.

Swanson is a family-owned company that was founded with the desire to bring wellness to the world. Forty-five years later, and they’re still very to the committed to spreading good health! Today, the company continues to expand its selection of vitamins and supplements, natural products for hair, skin and nail health, healthy foods (featuring many organic options, as well as green foods like spirulina and chlorella) and products for special diets including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher concerns.

To celebrate their 45th Anniversary this year, I’m excited to partner with Swanson to offer one of my lucky health conscious readers a $45 gift card! Just imagine the possibilities….I have a package full of bee pollen, cocoa nibs, organic tea, biotin, homeopathic anxiety relief oral spray and even bleach-free organic tampons and a natural body loofah headed my way this week!

So be sure to enter the giveaway below, and check out three of my favorite essentials you might want to pick up!



Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro Fiber– This plant-based protein powder is like a protein and fiber supplement in one. Totally vegan, raw, organic, and it actually tastes good (the most important part!). I like to mix some into my green smoothies, then sprinkle a little extra on top along with maca, cinnamon, flax seeds and hemp seeds. With 13 grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein, it’s easy to start the day off right!


Carlson Cod Liver Oil Lightly Lemon Soft Gels– Cod liver oil sounds disgusting, but it’s so unbelievably good for you! This stuff is a proclaimed cure-all and is loaded with Vitamins A, D, E and Omega-3′s. I’ve been taking it for almost two years and can notice the difference in my skin when I remember to take it! Carlson is well-known for being the best quality, and the lemon flavor prevents “fishy-burps”, which I’ve never had a problem with.


Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother– good old apple cider vinegar! I’ve officially finished two bottles now and am cracking open my third. A shot of this in the morning (chased with pure pineapple juice!) and you’ll not only be wide awake, but help speed up your metabolism and fight off any kind of illness your body is fighting. Check out some of my favorite ACV concoctions!

Alright….GIVEAWAY TIME! Enter below, and good luck!

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