Week Notes: July 5th

Fourth of July beachin' it, emojional style

Current sitch: Bloggin’ away in the studio with a cool breeze rolling in, candles lit, favorite country songs on repeat, and a chilled glass of wine; reflecting a bit not just on the past week, but the past year. Fully relaxing and soaking up all the good feels. I struggle (x 5,000) to keep up blogging lately, losing interest and motivation. But then I find my Week Notes from exactly a year ago…and am so glad I took the time to document the little highlights and moments. With that said…

Other Sons Studio, Del Mar

The week was short but full before leading into a beautiful, long weekend. (Much needed).  The weather has been v. tropical: hot and humid with spontaneous rain and thunderstorms. Kind of really into it, actually. We got to grab dirty almond milk chais and work from this cute little studio during a rainy day client photoshoot.

steamy cardiff nights

Tuesday night could only be described as “steamy”, and I found myself out running to an old playlist, taking new streets and falling even more in love with Cardiff. Being the night before the full moon, I took about 50 photos of the moon on my walk home. Although the sun has always been my thing, I’m finding a new appreciation for the moon lately. I couldn’t get enough!

cardiff beach girl gang

summer evening dinner party

The girl gang assembled for a day at the beach and some afternoon poke before I headed to the Happster House for a cozy dinner night with fresh panzenella salad, avocado bruschetta (Kelli’s speciality), a patriotic berry salad, and special request “$20 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand”. Summer night perfection.

stonesteps encinitas fourth of july stonesteps encinitas

The 4th was mellow (quite a change of pace from the past three years). Mega beach bash —> relaxing night, with a few illegal firework sightings thrown in. Not being hungover is kind of the best thing. (Ain’t nobody got time fo that).

stonesteps, leucadia

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, filled with fun and relaxation!

Happy Hour Made Healthy: Ahi Taco Tuesday

Ahi Poke Tacos

Happy Hour Made Healthy is baaaaack. To kick it off, Ashleigh and I got together for the first DIY Happy Hour of the season…al fresco! Fresh air, comfy patio hangs, and a refreshing spread meant another lingering happy hour turned cozy night.

Craving something simple yet fresh, we put in motion Ahi Tacos and some bubbly Bon Affair Mango Sangria. Requiring only a few ingredients and a few minutes of prep, this happy hour made healthy is easy while wielding some impressive results. This time I threw together the food (literally) while Ashleigh set up her new deck digs.


Ahi Tacos
Store-bought ahi poke
Flour tortillas
Micro greens

Warm up tortillas over a burner.
On a large plate, sprinkle micro greens over each tortilla before placing ahi chunks evenly over each.
Top with slices of avocado and a squeeze of lime!

Bon Affair Mango Sangria
1 bottle of Bon Affair Sauvignon Blanc
1 cup frozen mango chunks
1 lime, cut into fourths

This one’s easy ;). In a large pitcher, add the frozen mango and lime slices, then pour in Bon Affair.


Now here’s an awkward photo of me. K bye!

Week Notes: June 22nd


This week I finally got a new phone and let me tell you…64GB life is THE life!!! Now I can go about doing what I do best….taking 20+ photos of the same thing to ensure at least one usable photo… 😉


It was a quick week with lots going on…like 90’s ride spin class (YASSSS), client photoshoots and events. Big ups to Asheejojo for putting together another successful Summer Solstice this year. You can’t go wrong with a warm night, gorgeous sunset, and gooood sips and bites.


Friday evening was a perfect mellow intro to the weekend…spontaneous skating (mostly spent hunting down secret streets where no one could see us) before a few tasters at The Lost Abbey Confessional (too convenient)…winding down with Season 3 of OITNB. 😉



Waking up to warm sunshine on Saturday morning was the best. A day mostly spent at the beach with friends…eating, getting sunburnt, and some hilarious body/boogie boarding action. Kook game strong.



Sunday’s productive start brought the urge to hit a new coffee shop. We headed down south to Young Hickory and fell in love, enjoying iced lattes and a warm breeze. The rest of the day was spent out at the beach before a (naughty little) sunset Baked Bear stop. Summer is HERE. IMG_6125

Week Notes: June 14th


Current mood: giving zero f’s.

Not in a negative way, but in an invigorating, getting a little risky and spontaneous kind of way. Looking back on a solid week spent balancing work and relaxation surprisingly well…mid-week tacos & cold beer didn’t seem to hurt.


As the weekend crept up without plans I found myself semi-anxiously asking….”what do people normally do on the weekend?!”. But as soon as Friday evening got in motion I realized how enjoyable having NOTHING to do truly is. The weekend even felt a just a tiny bit longer than usual.


Saturday morning spin sweat sesh, Board & Brew noms, craft days, polaroid parties, beach walks with visitors and long lazy days that turn into peaceful nights. I could get down with this kind of weekend every weekend. 


Week Notes: June 7th


FINALLY feeling healthy and normal after over a week of annoying sinus and cold issues. Let’s just say I won’t be taking my immune system for granted for a while. Despite getting vitamin shots three days in a row, this cold and cough lingered around for waaay longer than it should have. It wasn’t until I tried something I read– wet sock therapy– that I felt myself getting better. (It’s v intriguing…post coming!). Now it’s time to get serious about juicing and packing lunches (and generally being healthy) again.


Quite the solid week, though not very well photographed until the weekend (aside from my @pamlovesferrariboys Stance socks!). Met up with Noelle and Kelli for a neighborhood walk + talk (Cardiff Walking Crew expands!) early in the week.


Friday the team hit the beach with our balloons and took the new interns out to Las Olas….kicking off about one of six (or more?) hours I spent there this weekend. Tall, spicy, skinny margs all day. Almost literally. 😉


Saturday’s beach day was followed by a morning Pipe’s date, beach rest and recovering, and catching up with friends.